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Sync your Sumatra Audiences to LaunchDarkly to trigger targeted in-product experiences and experiments with LaunchDarkly feature flags.

Combine with the LaunchDarkly Data Export integration to retarget users based on their past flag values and experimental treatments.

Why target feature flags?

Example use cases for targeting feature flags with Sumatra behavioral audiences:

  • Personalize onboarding - Identify users by role (e.g. Engineer vs. Business User) and provide an onboarding flow optimized for their skill set and value props.
  • Trigger support on frustration - Detect frustration or confusion from click behavior and trigger chat, phone, or documentation support in the moment.
  • Exclude bots - Detect low quality traffic to exclude from high cost features (e.g. GenAI) and filter from downstream data for cleaner analytics results.
  • Run sequential experiments - Retarget the audience of your next experiment based on who was assigned to particular variants in the last experiment.
  • Recover from botched rollout - A special case of sequential experiments where an experiment is run on users who did not see a previously broken feature that would bias results.

Sync Segments to LaunchDarkly

Step 1: Create LaunchDarkly API Key

  • Log into LaunchDarkly and select the appropriate environment.
  • Navigate to Account settingsAuthorization.
  • Click Create token, choose a name, and check This is a service token

For Role, the access token must have either a Writer or Custom role. For more details on configuring roles, see the LaunchDarkly docs.

Step 2: Add Integration in Sumatra

  • In Sumatra, navigate to Settings.
  • Under Integrations, choose LaunchDarkly.
  • Enter the LaunchDarkly client-id and access token from Step 1.
  • Click Test to validate connection.

Step 3: Choose Audience to Sync

  • In Sumatra, navigate to Audiences.
  • Select the audience you wish to sync.
  • Choose LaunchDarkly as the destination.
  • Click Done.

Step 4: Verify Sync

Wait a few minutes for the segment to sync. Verify the sync status in the LaunchDarkly dashboard.

🎉 You have successfully synced a Sumatra Audience with LaunchDarkly. You can now use this synced segment to target feature flags and experiments.

For assistance with this integration, please contact