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This guide will walk you through how to set up Sumatra and publish your first Experience to your site.

1. Log into Sumatra

If you don't yet have one, get a free trial account at:

Access the app at:

2. Create your first optimization

From the Optimizations view, click Create. Name your optimization something relevant to your site, by selecting from the options listed or choosing Custom Goal.

When prompted, enter your site's base URL and click Start optimizing.


Be sure that the URL matches your site's base url exactly, including https:// and www, if applicable.

3. Install the snippet

If your site is built on Framer, choose the Framer tab. For all other platforms, choose the Other Website tab.

To install the Sumatra snippet and code override on your Framer site, follow these instructions.

4. Create your first experience

To start simple, let's change the text of a single call-to-action (CTA) button.

On the Experiences list, click + New.

New Experience

When prompted, name your new experience "Alternate CTA". A Default variant will be created for you to serve as a control.

Click +Add Variant to create a new variant and name it "Start Now".

Start Now

5. Implement your variant

Follow the Framer experience instructions to create a variant of your button and change the text to "Start Now".

6. Activate and preview

Click the status toggle next to your Alternate CTA experience to make it Active.

Activate Toggle

When prompted to Run an experiment?, click Don't run. And for now choose Continue without goals.

You now have an active experience, but 100% of traffic is still being served the default, so your live site is not impacted.

Activate Variants

Now for the best part.

Click the Preview link next to your variant to see it live on your site. 🤯 🚀 🎉

Next steps

From here, you can:

  • Configure Goals to measure conversion
  • Choose Run experiment to start splitting traffic between variants
  • Explore Audiences to target specific user segments
  • Start testing some real Experiences to drive conversion