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An audience is a segment of visitors you want to target with an experience. Create an audience by defining a rule, comprising an attribute, operator, and value:

Audience Rule

Core Attributes

The following attributes are available for targeting as part of the Core plan:

UTM Parameter

Target based on search parameters in the url when the visitor lands on your site.

Use cases include: email or ad campaigns, custom links for Account Based Marketing, and more.

AttributePersists for
utm_by_session.<field>Current session
utm_by_user.<field>30 days
FieldSearch parameterMeaning
.campaign?utm_campaignSpecific promotion or strategic campaign
.source?utm_sourceSource of traffic (e.g. "google")
.medium?utm_mediumMedium the link was used on (e.g. "email")
.term?utm_termPaid search keywords
.content?utm_contentUsed to differentiate similar content, or links in the same ad.

Display content related to your Spring Sale for users following the link:

Rule: utm_by_session.campaign is spring_sale


Segment visitors by the external URL they came from. Links from sites that share the same top-level domain as your site (including subdomains) will be excluded.

AttributePersists for
external_referrer_by_sessionCurrent session
external_referrer_by_user30 days

Target visitors who first arrived at your site from Instagram:

Rule: external_referrer_by_user contains

Landing Page

Target visitors who entered on a specified landing page.

AttributePersists for
landing_page_by_sessionCurrent session
landing_page_by_user30 days

Provide a consist experience across your site for a visitor who arrived at

Rule: landing_page_by_session is

Visited a Page

Target visitors who viewed specific pages, such as /pricing or /docs, at any point prior to this moment.

AttributePersists for
visited_pages_by_sessionCurrent session
visited_pages_by_user30 days

Highlight more technical content for users who navigated to your developer resources at some point.

Rule: visited_pages_by_user contains

Session Count

Customize the experience for First time or Returning visitors.

AttributePersists for
session_countCurrent session

Target first-time visitors:

Rule: session_count is 1

Device Language

Target users that speak a particular language.

AttributePersists for
device_languageCurrent session

Target Spanish-speaking visitors:

Rule: device_language contains es-

Geo IP

Target visitors by location using their IP address.

geo_ip.countryCountry (e.g. "US")
geo_ip.regionState or province (e.g. "Texas")
geo_ip.cityCity (e.g. "Mountain View")
geo_ip.zipZip code (e.g. "90210")

Show different content to users outside the US:

Rule: is not US

Advanced Attributes


The following attributes require an upgrade to the Advanced Targeting plan.

Goal Achieved

Retarget visitors who converted for a selected goal.

Variant Assignment

Retarget visitors who were assigned a specified variant in an Experiment.

Predictive Model

Target visitors by role, interest, industry, and intent using a machine learning model deployed as PMML.

List-Based Segments

Upload user list as a CSV or sync from your data warehouse.

Custom Attributes

The Sumatra support team will work with you to create custom attributes in your workspace for anything you don't see here.

To request a custom attribute, email: or reach out on Slack.